Celebrate with pride at your workplace


Whether it’s during Pride Month in June, Mardi Gras in February or during your company’s corporate social responsibility month, consider hosting an event at your workplace that not only brings your LGBTQ+ employees and allies together, but also supports LGBTQ+ mental health and wellbeing.

By hosting an event at your workplace in support of ACON, or by turning your planned Pride event into an ACON fundraiser, you will be celebrating LGBTQ+ pride and diversity and helping a great cause at the same time.

There are plenty of ways to get involved and celebrate with pride. Get your workplace together and make an impact.

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To help you get started, we put together a free host kit packed with hints, tools and tips.


How others celebrate with pride


When IKEA released its iconic FRAKTA bag in a bold rainbow design to celebrate equality, diversity and inclusion, it donated $20,000 to ACON to support our LGBTQ inclusion programs. Thank you IKEA!  

Every year, Stonewall Hotel in Sydney’s Oxford Street hosts a fundraiser for ACON as part of their Pride Month calendar. Thank you Stonewall Hotel!

Jean Paul Gaultier released a limited edition of its iconic fragrances for Pride 2022 and WorldPride 2023. $20 from every bottle sold went towards supporting ACON. Thank you Jean Paul Gaultier!   

Fitness First Darlinghurst hosts a special pride themed spin class during Sydney Mardi Gras, raising much-needed funds for ACON. Thank you to everyone at Fitness First Darlinghurst!

It’s easy to get involved

Become a fundraising superstar and make your event an ACON fundraiser

Transform your event into a gathering that makes a difference by turning it into a fundraiser for LGBTQ mental health 

Use your fundraising page to start raising funds for LGBTQ mental health! 

Once you register, you’ll get a personalised page that will you help make your fundraising event a success. 

Host your event, celebrate with pride and start fundraising! 

Every dollar you raise will help us improve the mental health and wellbeing of LGBTQ people in NSW.

We are here to help! Get in touch!

If you have a questions, get in touch! Our team is here to help you make your ACON fundraiser a success.